Children’s Guitar

Children’s guitar, choose the right one for your child. Are you a music lover and want to pass on this passion to your son? Have you noticed that you have recently shown an interest in musical instruments and are looking for a guitar for children?

Many like you are in the same situation and it is often difficult to choose the best solution. The market offers many alternatives, from cheap ones to custom shop and signature guitars built to the specifications of famous artists.

If you are afraid to waste time or money choosing a musical instrument for your child, I will try to help you by explaining which points to consider when buying his first guitar!

In these cases you have to understand what are the characteristics and personal preferences to choose the guitar for children that best suits his needs.

One: Classical, Acoustic Or Electric Guitar?

The first thing to do is to choose between the three types:

1.Classical Guitar For Children

The children’s classical guitar has nylon strings and is ideal for starting the study of the instrument with a classic approach. The nylon strings are softer than the metal ones and the neck is much wider just to facilitate and accustom the hand to make the right chords.

The best selling classic guitar for children is the Eko CS5, which is a 3/4 model, i.e. smaller in size, for smaller children. Always from the same brand, the Eko CS10 is the same as a classic guitar but of normal size 4/4.

These models mentioned are of economic range and can be purchased as a first instrument, not knowing if the passion will continue. They are available natural or in various colors.

With a higher budget you could choose to take a Takamine GC1, a great choice for those looking for an affordable guitar with a sound above its price range. It has more selected woods and better finishes than the cheaper models.

2.Acoustic Guitar For Children

The children’s acoustic guitar is recommended for those a little bit older who already want to play their first songs. The acoustic guitar is an instrument with metal strings and an ideal sound for performing chords and rhythmic accompaniments.

An entry level model is definitely the Eko Ranger 6, available in various colors. If you want to invest more in a more durable, high-end and superior quality product, you could choose a Takamine GD20. This model is also amplified, i.e. it allows you to connect your guitar to an amplifier via a jack cable.


The children’s electric guitar is definitely an over-the-top choice, but certainly the most fun. There are many children who are fascinated by their favourite groups and want to hear the sound of the electric guitar right away. For them a too didactic approach could be boring with the risk of leading them to abandon their beautiful passion for music too soon.

The electric guitar is very soft and easy to play, compared to the classics and acoustics it has a flat body and needs an amplifier to make its sound heard.

You’re already thinking, “Mammamia, how much will everything cost me?” Don’t worry, the market today offers many cheap solutions for this type of guitar too.

An Eko S-300, for example, has the famous shape of the Fender Stratocaster played by famous artists such as Jimi Hendrix or David Gilmour, but available at an affordable price. At Musicarte you can also find ready-made kits including guitar, amp, cable, shoulder strap and picks. Check out this one from Fender Squier here.

Two: Choose By Hand Size

The essential thing to be able to choose the right guitar for a child is to know the size of the hand!

A children’s guitar, like any other guitar, is composed of a body and a neck.

On the neck are placed keys, pressing a key and pinching a string plays a sound. Pressing more than one key plays a chord. Therefore, it is essential that the width of the keyboard conforms to the size of the hand, so as not to run into the initial difficulty of playing chords.

For the youngest children, from about 5 years of age, there are classic 3/4 guitars, suitable to be played by those who still have too small hands. They are usually chosen for those who are up to 6 or 7 years old, but it depends on their physical shape.

Classic 4/4 guitars are instead the normal size ones, from 7 or 8 years old onwards.

Electric guitars are also available in mini small-scale versions, such as the Eko S-100. With linden body and maple neck, in various colors: black, red or blue. A perfect Christmas gift to be found under the tree or for promotion! Just know her favorite color and you’ll make the right choice!

Three: Don’t Forget The Accessories!

In addition to the guitar itself, it is good to take into account the basic needs of the little musician. To play correctly it is absolutely necessary that the guitar is tuned. This is an operation to be done every time before starting to play, especially if it is a guitar for children. The wood of which the instrument is made reacts to changes in temperature and humidity that tend to make it forget. You can get a Korg tuner for around 15€.

The second important thing is a case to keep the guitar away from dust and transport it. You may need a shoulder strap if you want to play standing up, and a stand to avoid placing the guitar on the ground. Classical guitars are usually played with your fingers, while acoustics and electrics are played with picks. Pick are available in various models of different sizes and materials. After several days of wear and tear, a new set of strings will be needed to replace the old ones, which not only lose their sound but also become hard and sharp. Strings are like the tires of a car, we recommend changing the strings regularly to get the best possible sound.

We hope we have given you some advice that will be useful in your search for a guitar for children.

See you soon!