Fulltone OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Drive

Fulltone Ocd is very simple and immediate in its controls: the classic 3 pots (volume, drive and tone), an input and an output, two modes (Hp and Lp) that can be activated with a small selector, an intense blue or red led depending on the various versions proposed by Fulltone over the years, 9 volt battery power supply or with variable power supply even at 18 volts to increase the dynamic thrust, very solid chassis and true-bypass.

The Fulltone OCD’s timbre is one of those that immediately captures you, offering from the softest and warmest overdrives to the most charged and harmonic-rich distortions, without losing definition and maintaining a frequency balance that, especially on single-channel amplifiers (Marshall Plexi style or Fender Bassman), allows you to come out great in any musical situation.

The fulcrum of the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive is the HP/LP switch:

HP (high pick): it allows to obtain a warm and dynamic timbre, with very present low-mid and touch response / dynamics typical of valves. It can be used as an overdrive for blues-rock or fusion genres or for sharp and defined distorted rhythms.

LP (low pick): opens the pedal to a more rock/hard-rock sound with greater gain on the pot and higher frequencies more present, usable as a real distortion pedal or as a boost reversing the gain / volume ratio.

Fulltone OCD is a very silent pedal and tends to be “clean” without kneading, even at more exaggerated gain levels.

WITH A WIDE: Anyone who has a great amp, be it the Marshall JTM45 or BluesBreaker or the VOX AC30 or Fender ’59 Bassman, and has the opportunity to take advantage of the natural volumes and saturations of these amps knows what we’re talking about. Connect the Fulltone OCD in cascade and your ears will whistle with pleasure, your hand will go alone and the feedback will be a faithful companion of your guitar, like the sustain of the notes produced by it.

WITH THE CHARACTERS: The beauty of this pedal is its transparency, it will make a Tele sound like a Tele, a Les Paul like a Les Paul, it will not unify all the sounds like many pedals you fall in love with immediately and easily, but just as quickly they get tired because they flatten the differences.

WITH OTHER PEDALS: Fulltone OCD not only stands up to the crunch/lead channel of a great amp, but it also manages to interact with other pedals and, when properly set, it can also add up very well to a boost or overdrive set as a boost, to maintain a basic sound but a different colour.

A peculiarity that many do not know are the versions (V1, V2, V3, V4) that have been produced over the years and within the same version, the parent company, often offers new releases (now we are receiving for example Version 4 with upgrade 1.7)

As soon as you can, don’t hesitate to try this fantastic Fulltone product with your setup!