Mouth Harmonica, Which to Choose

Which mouth harmonica to choose to start with? The mouth harmonica has a long tradition not only in folk and blues music, but also in popular culture. Great artists of all kinds are honored with signature series. October 13, 2016 is an historic day, and Bob Dylan becomes the first musician to be honored with the Nobel Prize for Literature. An artist who is used to making words interact with the unique sound of the harmonica.

Harmonica a Bocca, Which one to Choose? Diatonic Notes

Although the diatonic harmonica is relatively easy to learn to play, and you can carry it around just by putting it in your pocket, it is not to be underestimated. With this instrument, also known as the blues harmonica, you can perform simple major scales and chords. And thanks to special techniques such as bending and overbending you can extend the tonal width by stretching the notes. The sound produced is typical for the blues, folk and country genres, although it can now be found in pop and rock. Each diatonic has at its disposal the notes of a single scale, as a first purchase for beginners is recommended to take a model in C (C major) which is the one used for the most part in manuals and demonstration videos.

Chromatic Harmony

The chromatic harmonic offers all the tones of the chromatic scale at the touch of a button, making it easy to play in any tone. It is the ideal instrument for jazz and classical music. When it was invented over 100 years ago it was revolutionary, and even today the Hohner Chromatica model is a benchmark in the industry. Its unique sound can be either soft or powerful, in both cases capable of interpreting melodies as jazz phrasings. The Chromonica Series is suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians such as Larry Adler or Toots Thielemans.

The Leader Brand: Hohner

When the Hohner harmonica, particularly the Marine Band series, was first introduced to the American market in 1896, no one could have imagined the impact this instrument would have in the future of popular music. The affordable price and small size make it a perfect travel companion, while the unique sound of stretched notes has opened up a new world of creative expression for musicians.

This was the starting point of the Marine Band Series, which went on to play a key role in spreading the rough emotions of blues, the free spirit of the country or the energy of rock. From the classic 1896s to the more modern Crossovers, the Marine Band series offers a range of instruments that are now the choice of countless artists. All models of Marine Band mouth harmonics are made in Germany. The plates with reeds and covers are assembled with nails with the traditional method and style. The reeds are made of brass and the comb is made of pear wood with double lacquer.

Hohner Crossover Harmonica

Hundreds of years have passed, but blues continues to be one of the most influential musical genres. Its impact can also be found in songs of other genres. So it was decided to design a new high-end harmonica for the blues and other styles that have derived from it, using sustainable materials, with a powerful and original sound capable of meeting the needs of new generations of professional musicians. The result: the Hohner Crossover. The certified bamboo comb is completely water resistant and extremely durable, the sound is brilliant and precise and the modern tuning is ideal for playing single notes, both acoustic and amplified, while retaining a full sound on the chords. Crossovers have the power, sound, and experience to take you (cross-over) into the new world of harmonics. Screw-assembled for more convenient maintenance. Brass reeds and triple-lacquered comb.

The Hohner Blues Harp

The Hohner Blues Harp harmonica is named after the typical blues sound. You could find it in bars and taverns, endless open spaces of the west paths by pilgrims. The Blues Harp is designed for this typical sound, which thanks to the modulated system you can easily customize it as you want. The doussié wooden comb, the brass reeds and the metal covers are all interchangeable with the other elements of the MS (Modular System) series.

Where To Find A Mouth-to-mouth Harmonica

At Musicarte you can find your first mouth harmonica to start with or the same models used by the artists. And if you want to know more about how to play, you can take some manuals. If you’re already an expert, and you want to accompany yourself while you play the guitar, you’ll surely need a harmonica strap.