Overview of the bass drum pedals: simple, universal joints, consumables

Bass Drum Pedal Overview: From Budget Models to Lamborghini

What do drummers need besides sticks? Of course, the bass drum pedal. A well-tuned pedal directly under you, on which you regularly practice, will allow you to achieve a clear, fast and comfortable game. In this case, you do not need to choose the most expensive and “tricked out” model. The bottom line is to make the instrument native during daily activities. The pedal, like the sticks for the game, is an extension of your body. Therefore, today we will talk about choosing a pedal for a bass drum.

Bass Drum Pedals: Low-Cost Solutions

As always, we will begin consideration of more budget models that are available not only to professionals but also to beginners of drum art. The most affordable single pedal options are the MAXTONE DP-209 and STAGG PP-50, costing up to 4 thousand rubles. You should not expect any frills here, only the necessary minimum for the game.

The pedals of these models are equipped with felt beaters, which, if desired, can be replaced if you prefer aggressive styles of play. The footboard base is attached through the so-called “mustache”. This is not the most reliable way, but it facilitates the design and reduces its cost. The pedal from PEARL will cost a little more expensive, in the range from 5 to 7 thousand rubles.

The P-830 stands out primarily for its more comfortable footboard, similar to other PEARL Demon models.

P-930 is a full-fledged representative of the Demon series, the beast is more serious. The footboard is located on a rigid base, providing better grip and structural stability. The POWER SHIFTER function allows you to quickly move the pedal to one of the three-game positions, pulling a chain that changes the sensitivity of the pedal when playing. An interchangeable eccentric will help to fine-tune the pedal to the usual style of play.

For a professional game

If you are serious and want to buy a tool that will last for many years, then take a look at the PEARL Eliminator series, especially the P-2050B and P-2050C models. Differing in the type of drive, belt and chain respectively, they have flexible settings.

Perhaps the differences between the models are hardly noticeable, but this has a decisive influence on the quality of the game. Four interchangeable eccentrics are included with the pedals for the most convenient tuning. Together with a four-sided mallet, they make it possible to choose the optimal configuration suitable for the chosen style of play. The POWER SHIFTER system allows you to move the bandwagon forward or backward, changing the impact force from light to strong. In addition, it is possible to adjust the angle of inclination of the footboard and beater. Complete with pedals is a semi-rigid case with the PEARL logo and a set of keys that will never be in excess. These models can be purchased at a fairly low price for this class – from 13 to 14 thousand rubles.

Demon by PEARL

The PEARL Demon Series is the Lamborghini in the pedal world. Models P-3000C and P-3000D with chain and direct drive will cost 21-23 thousand.

Direct drive minimizes the delay between the movement of the leg and the impact of the beater on the drum, which is usually the case with pedals with a chain or belt drive, but it reduces the force of the impact itself. Duo-Deck footboards in combination with a clapper and direct drive create up to eight pedal configurations. The special “Ninja” bearing was developed by skateboard engineers and consists of micro-polished steel balls to provide the best indicators of speed and smoothness when playing. In addition to amazing technical qualities, these models have a bright appearance.

Double pedals (cardan): an alternative to the bass barrel

One pedal is not enough for you; you want twice as much speed without the need to burden the installation of a second bass drum? A double pedal or Cardan is what you need. Budget options will cost 12-14 thousand rubles: MAXTONE DP-2011TW and MAXTONE DP-2021TW. The second model has a rigid base. Use only the best double bass drum pedals.

PEARL P-932, P-2052B, P-2052C are analogs of the previously described single counterparts. In this category, the range of prices is much wider. 

Consumables: beater, springs, Velcro

Like drumsticks, the pedal beater is a consumable item. Although the service life of the beater is significantly longer, it grinds off after a while. Correct replacement is required to maintain sound quality. You can purchase a mallet separately for your favorite pedal. A good choice would be the PEARL DB-100 and PEARL DB-150 beater.

Sometimes springs also require replacement, since over time they can lose stiffness. PEARL SPA-90A is a spring block for pedals of the 900 series, includes a spring, a clamp, a screw assembly.