PRS Electric Guitars

Based in Stevensville, Maryland, Paul Reed Smith Guitars is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end guitars. Since its inception in 1985, PRS electric guitars have always sought to have the highest quality possible. In the factory, guitar construction is taken very seriously by staff, made by careful craftsmen, and perfected by musicians and artists of all kinds. Much of the success of PRS electric guitars comes from knowing how to listen, implement and continuously improve production.

“I remember meeting outside concerts in the stadiums, six or seven hours before the show, to make friends with the roadies. With a backstage pass in my hand, I wanted to get my guitars around the stars. One night I managed to make ten sales. Carlos Santana, Al Di Meola, Howard Leese, and other famous musicians agreed to try one. I was doing my first business. If someone made me an order, gave me a down payment, and then didn’t like the final result, I was back their money even though I knew I couldn’t pay my rent the next day. Paul Reed Smith, 1992.

PRS Custom 24 Electric Guitars

The PRS Custom 24 is the PRS guitar by definition. This iconic instrument was the first model that Paul Reed Smith brought to the public at the first NAMM in which he participated in 1985. And it has been a top seller ever since. Played by artists from those who do international tours, by those who do evenings in pubs, and even by those who are new to the guitar and are inspired by this. Custom 24 presents the original Gen III tremolo and pickup system PRS 85/15 and volume and tone controls with 5-way selector. The pickups were personally designed by Paul Reed Smith to be transparent and offer very long high and low frequencies.

The functions of the Gen III trem are the same as ever. The bridge is made of coated brass, a material that resonates beautifully. The pitch adjustment screws, the height adjustment screws. The seat of the strings on the saddles is not covered to increase sustain and fidelity of sound.

The Custom 24 is among the PRS electric guitars the original model. Since its introduction, it has introduced a unique choice for all musicians and set a standard for sound and playability.

PRS Custom 22

The PRS Custom 22 is a real hammer, a robust and reliable work tool. It has all the variety of sounds you would expect from a PRS, with its characteristic bright midrange, thanks also to its 85/15 pickups. These pickups offer a dual humbucker option. The Custom 22 also features an original Gen III tremolo system and a comfortable mahogany handle decorated with the characteristic “birds”.

The color and finish should not only be simple aesthetics, but help to make the sound heard. So while PRSs are synonymous with beauty and richness of detail, the goal is always to use a thin, transparent and durable finish, able to last over time without attenuating the resonance and natural sound of the instrument.

PRS Guitars Prices

Musicarte is a PRS guitar store, a brand that chooses materials for strength and sound. In general, the keys are specific to be a good base for both solo guitarists who use bending techniques, and those rhythmic that play chords, are glued to the seat and leveled to be comfortable and playable. The handles are designed to be comfortable and stable. The headset guarantees maximum resonance of the guitar. The materials of the vai elements may vary according to the series without however affecting the characteristics.

PRS Guitars prices: at Musicarte you can find many models, from the cheapest series to the highest end models. See now all models of PRS electric guitars available for sale. You can have an interest-free instalment payment or trade-in your used one.

You may also find a used PRS electric guitar in our 1-year warranty selection. Ask the department for more information or visit the PRS homepage.