Taylor Guitars Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Guitars acoustic guitars have their headquarters in El Cajon, California. A company founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, which has grown to become one of the leading brands in the construction of high-end acoustic guitars. More than 900 people are employed in the production of Taylor acoustic guitars and they currently produce hundreds of pieces a day. Overall result of the El Cajon plant and the Tecate plant, Baja California, Mexico.

Acoustic Guitar Company Taylor Guitars

Taylor Acoustic Guitars have been manufactured since 1974, the company has been at the forefront of using computer molds, lasers and other innovative technology solutions. Today Bob Taylor is considered to be one of the producers who have most looked to the future.

Among the major innovations are the neck shape, the first major innovation in acoustic guitar construction in the last 100 years. The award-winningExpression System® 2 (ES2) pickup system is a revolutionary approach to acoustic guitar amplification. And the T5, the first truly hybrid hollow body guitar that can reproduce amplified acoustic sounds, electric crunches, and everything that can be achieved with a five-way switch.

In addition to looking to the future in design and production, Taylor has the same approach to wood selection and environmental sustainability. Following the best policies in forest management, reforestation, and ethical trade.

The Series of Acoustic Guitars

Taylor acoustic guitars are organized by series. Each series features a unique combination of wood and aesthetic details, which make the different musical personalities. For left-handed musicians, all models can be ordered at no extra cost.

The Academy Series Guitars is affordable for anyone looking for an affordable Taylor guitar. These models, such as Academy 10e, Academy 12e, Academy 12e-N, are perfect for starting your musical experience.

The guitars in the 100 Series guarantee uncompromising quality with Sitka solid spruce and walnut. Includes 110e, 114ce, 150e.

In the 200 Series we can find models including the guitar Taylor 214ce, 214ce-N, 214ce-SB DLX, 214ce-K DLX built with solid fir Sitka coupled with a selection of woods ideal for a sound and classic design. Available in standard and Deluxe versions.

Different Shapes and Styles

Taylor’s commitment to delivering an extraordinary experience covers every detail of the guitar. Easy to play handles, fascinating sounds, and impeccable instruments. Each body shape gives a different sonic personality, to suit every kind of musician, from strummers to fingerpickers.

The Dreadnought form of Taylor acoustic guitars gives a powerful sound for those who love great chords. The Grand Orchestra is the largest form and provides volume with detailed, balanced sound across the spectrum. Grand Concert includes smaller body models ideal for fingerstyle. If you’re looking for a guitar for all purposes, a Grand Auditorium is for you.

12-string Taylor guitars are also available. See now all Taylor acoustic guitar models available from Musicarte. You can have an interest-free installment payment or trade in your used guitar. In fact you might even find a used Taylor acoustic guitar, check out our selection from time to time.