Used Electric Guitars, Online

Electric guitars have revolutionized the world of music. They have established themselves as a reference instrument in every genre in a short space of time.

Are you looking for electric guitars used online, to relive the emotions of the greats of the past as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore or Edward Van Halen?

Or do you like the modern rock of bands like Big Wreck, Pearl Jam or Foo Fighters?

No problem, whether you’re a professional or just a couch guitarist, you can find the right electric guitar in this section.

Main Models of Electric Guitars

Solid body electric guitars, unlike acoustic guitars, have a solid wood body and no resonance box inside.

Among the Fender electric guitars, the Stratocaster is perhaps the most famous model, the favourite of artists such as David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, just to name a few.

The American Professional Stratocasters are made in the USA and have recently replaced those of the American Standard series.

In most cases you’ll find six-string guitars, but it’s not impossible to find seven, eight and up to 12 strings.

To capture the sound of the vibrating strings you need microphones, pickups, which are generally two.

One by the neck and one on the bridge. Single coil pickups create some feedback, giving you a vintage sound.

Humbucker pickups have the ability to erase this hum, and have a more powerful sound.

They are ideal for supporting large distortions typical of the metal, grunge, and alternative genres.

Sound and Features

The sound of electric guitars is obviously also characterized by the materials of construction.

Lime and alder have a balanced and defined sound, mahogany has a darker and rounder sound.

The ash remains a bit dug in the midrange but is excellent in the treble and to stand out among the other instruments.

Then the various combinations of woods on the body and neck allow each instrument to express its own personality.

Depending on your style there is definitely the right instrument for you. The more carefully the selection of woods is made, the higher the prices will be.

Electric Guitars Used

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